A Brief Description of the 10 Most Popular Programming Languages

6. PHP

PHP is a server-side scripting language. Well-known companies, such as WordPress and Facebook, use PHP to run their web-based applications. Newer companies prefer JavaScript, Python, and Ruby for web development because of their corresponding web application frameworks. The PHP community’s response has been Laravel, which is generating excitement within the PHP community.

7. SQL

Web-based developers use SQL (Search Query Language) when they want to store data from a web-based application in a relational database. Most web-based applications currently use relational databases to store their data.

8. JavaScript

JavaScript has recently become the only language capable of being used on the client-side and server-side of a web-based application. For this reason, aspiring web developers should give serious consideration to learning JavaScript. Colleges and universities offer classes in this language, but most of them lack comprehensive coverage of the language. Coding bootcamps seem to teach JavaScript in a way that’s more comprehensive.

9. Python

Web-based developers enjoy using Python for the following two reasons: code readability and extensibility. Both of these reasons have contributed to the creation of several highly specialized and popular libraries. Developers interested in scientific computing or natural language processing with a high-level language will find that Python is a good fit.

10. Ruby

Web-based developers use Ruby for many reasons, but the primary one is the popularity of its web application framework, Ruby on Rails (Rails). However, many new developers cite Rail’s greatest strength as its greatest weakness: It’s relatively easy for them to create a web-based application, but the entire process also seems a bit magical.

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