2017 – The Best CSS Frameworks (+SASS)


Bulma is another framework written in SASS that makes use of the flexbox feature for grids and centering elements. The radiant colours of the default color scheme might be a little off putting, but luckily these are easily changed.

One of the cool features of this framework is the use of tiles that allow you to easily create metro like and well aligned interfaces in the browser.

Again it’s not as fully featured as Foundation or Bootstrap, but well worth a look.

Source Language:      SASS / SCSS
Minified Size CSS:    13.6kb
JavaScript:           no


Cutestrap is a truly minimalistic framework, it focuses on fewer elements and does not have many custom components. On the upside, no JavaScript includes are necessary.

The grid in Cutestrap is basically spreading out columns equally in a grid row unless classes like .column--light or .column--heavy are provided. These either half or double the size of a column.

This doesn’t give you the most fine grained control over your content placement, but it’s certainly easy to get started with, if you don’t have the most complex visual ideas for your content.

Source Language:      SASS / SCSS
Minified Size CSS:    8kb
JavaScript:           no